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 Information & Settings for the season 11 of the Koprulu League [English]

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Date d'inscription : 29/06/2016

MessageSujet: Information & Settings for the season 11 of the Koprulu League [English]   Ven 2 Juin - 15:18

The registrations are opened from now on.

You have until Sunday, September 16th, 2018 at 11:59 pm to register your team and send your file (In doc, pdf or directly in your application).

The competition will begin from Monday, September 17th. Big remark, your week will happen every time from Monday till Sunday till 11:59 pm.
In case of loose date, your match will have to happen on Sundays evenings! The team which will not be present without a documentary evidence will see itself sanctioned by Admin Win.

Do not forget to create a topic by application a stipulating your name of team.
For the teams which have already participated in the previous seasons, I need absolutely an update of the leagues of your players.

This season, every division will group teams with the most similar possible level. I would take into account leagues of each to avoid a maximum of frustration during the competition.

!!! Warning !!!

Citation :
New rules for Koprulu Team League Season 11 :

Warning : this is an add-on to the existing rules of the Koprulu Team League. This mean that the previous rules are still gonna be applied.

MMR restrictions and rules linked with it :

   -MMR restrictions for each division :

division 1 : MMR > 5500
division 2 : 5200 < MMR < 5500
division 3 : 4900 < MMR < 5200
division 4 : 4500 < MMR < 4900
division 5 : 4100 < MMR < 4500
division 6 : MMR < 4100


   -To be sure that every player is gonna respect those restrictions, we ask each one of you to have at least 30 games on the EU server before the start of the league  played on your official account (the one you’re gonna use to play in cw) and then at least 5 games per week (still on the same account).

   -Following those rules, admins will have the right to warn or to kick a player if :
the player’s account does not respect the rules above
the player is using an another account than his official one
the player has a cheated account (if he leaves games instantly on purpose for losing mmr for example)
   -Admins are gonna check if the different players respect those previous rules and if they note any discrepancy on an account, they have the right to prevent this account to play, or even warn/kick this one.
-Manager of each team will have to send a full list of his different players per line-up on the Koprulu forum (if there is more than one line-up) They have to include their current MMR (after playing 40 games), their race and their current league.

    2.  Other rules

   -Any player who has not the tag of the team or not listed in the team list can not play for the team, that means all mercenaries are forbidden. Any team which is gonna use one of them is gonna be kicked instantly from the league.

   -If a manager wants to add a new player to a line up of his team, he has to add him on the players list on the Koprulu forum by posting a new message after their initial post.
The new players added after the start of the league will have to wait 1 week before they’re allowed to play.

   -Each manager has to be on the Koprulu Discord server to facilitate the communication between teams. They will have 1 week to be on it, after that delay, a penalty will be applied to the team and all the line-ups.
The players are strongly invited to come on it too, but its not mandatory.

I you reminder quickly of which consists the competition:

Citation :
Koprulu League is a competition dedicated to the French-speaking and English-speaking teams since some seasons.

The latter is an alternative in the other already existing French competitions.

The format:

- The competition will take place in format Proleague. For this season eleven, we shall have the right in All-kill in Bo7.
- Every team, will have one lives again for every match.


Fracture LE
Blueshift LE
Cerulean Fall LE
Para Site LE
Acid Plant LE
Dreamcatcher LE
Lost and Found LE

How takes place the competition?

- On principle, every division will group 6 teams with level being the most homogeneous possible.
Thus - We shall have a championship which will last at least 6 weeks without counting the phase of dam.
- 1 Match a week, with a possibility of post--pone in case of problem. Naturally, a justification will be necessary.

How join the latter?

It will be necessary to you to create a File containing several important elements:

- Your Name
- Your date of creation
- The history of your team/clan
- The number of players in your team, as well as their race and league
- A means of communication allowing to contact quickly and easily one or several captains (Skype, e-mail, Curse ....)
- Your motivation

Koprulu hall of fame

Saison 1 Division 1 : Nuit Blanche
Saison 2 Division 1 : Clan Crepuscule
Saison 1 Division 2 : Restart Esport
Saison 2 Division 2 : Orbital Colossus 2
Saison 3 Division 1 : ADDICT 1
Saison 3 Division 2 : Fairlight
Saison 3 Division 3 : Number 2
Saison 4 Division 1 : isIMBA 1
Saison 4 Division 2 : Angel's Wings 1
Saison 4 Division 3 : Daerie
Saison 4 Division 4 : Restart Esport
Saison 5 Division 1 : 7x Team
Saison 5 Division 2 : Number 1
Saison 5 Division 3 : Errare Humanum Est 1
Saison 5 Division 4 : Angel's Wings 2
Saison 6 Division 1 : Orbital Colossus 1
Saison 6 Division 2 : Romandy Gaming
Saison 6 Division 3 : Number Academy
Saison 6 Division 4 : Clan Daerie
Saison 7 Division 1 : Orbital Colossus 1
Saison 7 Division 2 : Romandy Gaming
Saison 7 Division 3 : ECV Esports Academy
Saison 7 Division 4 : Iron Chain C    
Saison 8 Division 1 : Orbital Colossus 1
Saison 8 Division 2: Orbital Colossus 2
Saison 8 Division 3: Diktat 2
Saison 8 Division 4 : Diktat 3  
Saison 9 Division 1 : 3D! Clan
Saison 9 Division 2 : EXEED 2
Saison 9 Division 3 : Wrush 1
Saison 9 Division 4 : aW 2
Saison 9 Division 5 : PaniC
Saison 10 Division 1 : Wolven
Saison 10 Division 2 : MiXeD Minds
Saison 10 Division 3 : PaniC 1
Saison 10 Division 4 : BnetFR 1
Saison 10 Division 5 : OC 4
Saison 10 Division 6 : OC 5

Who is the administrator of the League?

For this eighth season, you will have two administrators to use if necessary Fatality and Grunthor.
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Information & Settings for the season 11 of the Koprulu League [English]
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